Your orthodontist in Geneva

Established in 2000, our dental lab has been accompanying many patients in Switzerland and neighboring France for almost 18 years in the field of orthodontic aesthetics (orthodontic retainer- invisalign) applications. Technical advances in the production of a transparent dental appliance led to the use in our laboratory of skills such as the Invisalign®, allowing a smooth and progressive dental movement.

In order to make this dental correction accessible to all, we have created Easysmile4all. We are equipped with the state-of-the-art technological innovations (Invisalign® iTero® intra-oral digital print, tooth digitization, 3SHAPE® processing software, 3D Printer Stratasys®, the world’s leading 3D printing company) and we use on a daily basis the best technical solutions of the new digital generations.

Our goal is to offer quality services in the alignment of the teeth. Our professionalism based on technology, flexibility and reliability is reinforced by an experience of 18 years in order to supply specific products with the highest precision ever

Easysmile-4all, open all year round, offers you an invisible dental appliance that ensures a perfect alignment of your teeth.

Thanks to our purchase volume, major firms and small structures benefit from the best rates. Today, several firms trust us and rely on our availability to respect their commitments to each patient. Easysmile-4all, combines the quality of dental alignment with the search for the best price (Invisalign price).

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