How does it work ?

It all starts with your dentist or orthodontist (orthodontist price) who will examine you and develop a treatment plan specific to invisible orthodontics.

He/She will also give you the following information:

  • feasibility of treatment according to the Invisalign range
  • duration of the invisible dental treatment
  • the cost of the transparent dental treatment

Following the visit, if the possibility of a SwissAligner treatment is confirmed, different series of aligners are produced according to the same principle as the EasySmile4all technique for the simplest cases and Invisalign for the more complex ones.
Gradually the orthodontic aligners align the teeth and accompany the patient to a new smile.

Invisible and comfortable dental appliance, the dental aligner (tooth aligner) will be quickly forgotten and the daily life will remain unchanged. The slight pains felt when changing the aligner during treatment are rapidly attenuated by the progressive displacement of the teeth.

For more information, visit your dentist.

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