Esthetics and comfort requirements

In the field of aesthetic orthodontics, the discretion of the adult and adolescent orthodontic apparatus isjust as important as the end result. A “metallic” smile is not synonymous with easy social life. With the transparent aligners, the patients recover their smile at once! Besides the aesthetic appearance of the aligners, comfort is very important. With the rounded cut on the collars and the smooth appearance, the patient finds the invisible aligners pleasant to wear to the point of forgetting their presence … Finally, the uncomfortable or irritating sensations due to the metallic elements of a Multi-fastener processing disappears. Moreover, with these orthodontic aligners the movements are soft and progressive, decreasing noticeably the sensations of tugging and ensuring the final tooth alignment. Through aesthetic orthodontics you will be able to keep the same quality of life throughout the treatment. This is a major challenge in the field of invisible adult orthodontics (adult orthodontic appliances), as well as for teenagers, who are strongly advised to wear a dental aligner. Growth repositioning of the teeth is facilitated. Dental alignment is a basic aesthetic care гидра that must be within everyone’s reach. Besides the quality of life, the daily life also remains unchanged: regular teeth brushing after each meal is optimal but the diet does not vary. Moreover, if a major event is planned, the aligner can be easily removed . You have the choice to live unique moments without worrying about wearing the aligner.

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