Is Invisalign suitable for you?

The first step, free in our laboratories, is the intra-oral scan and evaluation by one of our professionals or your orthodontist (Orthodontist Geneva).

Nevertheless, to give you an idea, Invisalign deal with the following problems, with different degrees of severity:

Teeth can overlap when there is not enough room in your jaw so that they can be aligned

Teeth are spaced when you have too much space in your jaw.

A crossover hinge occurs in the case of misalignment of the upper and lower jaws. In this case, it is often observed that one or more upper teeth “bite” on the inside of the lower teeth, and this can occur on the front and / or sides of the mouth.

When the upper teeth significantly overlie the lower teeth, supraclusion occurs.

A sub-occlusion occurs when the lower teeth are forward in relation to the upper teeth. This is usually caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or both

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