Invisalign transparent gutters

Creators of perfect smiles, Invisalign is the expert in invisible orthodontics.

We produce a series of transparent aligners, which apply successively on your teeth. Their slightly changing shape allows for a progressive tooth alignment, to the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

We guarantee the effectiveness of our product, which is why more than 4 million people in the world have already trusted us and you can trust us too.

Satisfied with a personalized aesthetic orthodontics, embracing the unique and individual dental forms, each patient evolves in a treatment that is unique to him/her. All transparent dental devices, manufactured using the invisalign polycarbonate technique, are flexible and biocompatible, guaranteeing comfort throughout treatment. This prevents damage to the oral mucosa caused by the wires found in dental ring treatment or lingual orthodontics. Oral hygiene is also preserved because the Invisalign is removable and allows regular teeth brushing and the entire dental surface.

Thanks to our high-end Invisalign product (which is an invisible dental appliance),improve your smile without disrupting your daily routine.

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