Easysmile4-all, your expert in aesthetic orthodontics

Dental malpositions are corrected gradually, gently, by application of particularly weak forces. The Easysmile-4all aligners are made of lightweight, biocompatible synthetic material suitable for every patient. They offer a great comfort.

First of all the movements are soft and progressive, thus reducing the sensations of tugging. In addition, the equipment used is pleasant on the palate and avoids injuries caused especially by lingual orthodontics. The expected result is planned through the use of advanced technology that makes it possible from the prints of the dentition of the patient to elaborate the different stages needed for the evolution of the treatment.

Easysmile-4all uses state-of-the-art equipment to define the necessary steps for the evolution of the treatment. An invisible and modern orthodontic solution that adapts to the requirements and comfort of patients.


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