Orthodontic Appliance for Adults, the treatment


The forces exerted by the dental gutter are minimal, motivating all the more the patient to wear them regularly. In addition, the smooth material prevents the formation of lingual injuries (lingual orthodontics) or buccal mucosa, which are common when wearing  braces.


The main advantage of the aligners we offer is their transparency. In aesthetic orthodontics (orthodontist, Geneva), no metallic components are used, the treatment is carried out with discretion using this transparent, painless dental appliance which perfectly matches the shape of your teeth. As soon as the aligners are laid, the teeth appear smoother and aligned, because they make a slight pressure there.

With Easysmile-4all,you will free to smile without any complex


In addition to being discreet, Easysmile-4all, offers you a freedom that exceeds by far the limits of traditional orthodontic treatments.

The aligners must be worn night and day at least 20 hours a day, but are nonetheless removable and easy to clean. Removing and replacing the appliance whenever necessary is possible. They don’t affect your daily life, you can smile and eat what you want . The lightness of the aligners made of synthetic material brings a certain comfort and does not hinder the speech.

As for the maintenance of your aligner (dental gutter), it is more than simple: just clean your device with a toothbrush and toothpaste.


The effectiveness of this treatment is no longer to prove since today more than 3 million patients have benefited from a similar technique in the world.

Today it is possible to use a dental displacement system from aligners. Technological tools scan, digitize the dental arches and accurately define a plan for correcting wrong positions of patient’s teeth. From this correction plan, a series of aligners will be specifically made to measure. Each should be worn and changed every two weeks depending on the progress of the correction.

The aligners drive through the forces applied to the teeth, light and progressive movements so to obtain a displacement according to the final result. This displacement is done smoothly thus decreasing the sensations of
tugging and dental enamel remains intact.


Another important advantage of aligners is the preservation of oral hygiene. In fact, contrary to metal dental appliances, the patient can freely remove the transparent gutters thus allowing to clean the whole surface of his\her teeth. The hygiene of the teeth is thus preserved and the risk of oral irritation is lessened thanks to this method.


Thanks to the technique proposed by Easysmile-4all, it is possible to cause a precise displacement of the teeth by controlled movements.
From the digital impression of the teeth, each aligner is manufactured in our laboratory by experienced technicians. These technicians rely on a device measuring the dental movements in 3D, a precision up to one-hundredth of a millimeter (0.01) to ensure optimal control of movements and to accurately define the treatment plan that will need to be followed to achieve the desired result.

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