Aligner treatment : the steps

1st Step : Free scan & evaluation

From our iTero (intra oral) scanner, also used by Invisalign®, we produce digital prints of your teeth and we show you a simulation of the final result obtained after the treatment within 24 hours.

We also carry out a case study to verify the feasibility of the treatment. If the outcome is favorable, we proceed to the productions of the customized aligners.

2nd Step : Delivery of your aligners

The Stratasys 3D printer allows the manufacturing of 3D models and on this basis we manufacture Easysmile-4all based on molding your teeth. This advanced technology not only enables the development of the necessary steps for the processing via a 3D simulation but also to visualize the expected result.

After validation with the practitioner, our laboratory manufactures and delivers the series of aligners that must be worn successively as the treatment progresses to reach the desired result.

3rd Step : You put your aligners to reach the final result

Each of the dental gutter will be worn for 2 weeks night and day (excluding meal period) and the number of aligners will determine the duration of your treatment. On average, the treatment lasts 6 months.

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