With Easysmile-4all, enjoy a personalized, quasi-invisible, painless and comfortable to correct gradually your dental malpositions, leading you,step by step, towards a harmonious and confident smile

There are many advantages for the patient:

  1. Aesthetics (the least visible and improves the aesthetics of the six front teeth from the beginning of treatment)
  2. Minimizes pain and trauma (light and physiological forces)
  3. Comfortable and individualized (smooth and rounded, less harmful for the tongue and cheeks)
  4. A protected oral hygiene due to the possibility of removing the invisialigns from the teeth during brushing (as they are removable)
  5. Individual, unique and effective (customized equipment). All devices are made from prints, as each Individual is unique
  6. We know that time is valuable so your appointments with your practitioner will be limited to visits only to ensure that the treatment progresses smoothly.

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