Invisible Orthodontic Treatment
Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

1'990.- CHF including all taxes
Swiss Innovation at the best price
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1'990.- CHF including all taxes
Swiss Innovation
at the best price

1. Make a free scan at our cabinet
2. Get our aligner
3. Put them between 2 and 6 months
Your teeth turn perfect!
EasySmile-4all innovates and offers a totally innovative solution. Quality and efficiency made in Switzerland!

EasySmile-4all, the Invisible Orthodontics in Geneva

Welcome to Easysmile-4all, the Swiss manufacturer specializing in aligners for orthodontic treatments. Our aligners are made of flexible and biocompatible polycarbonate.

Orthodontists using our products provide their patients with an almost invisible, aesthetic and much more comfortable than the traditional treatments (multi braces, lingual treatment …).

The smile is the universal tool of communication. With Easysmile-4all, smile without any complex, and feel totally free thanks to the discretion and comfort of your treatment.

We invite you to discover the many advantages of this EasySmile-4all treatment method combining technical, comfort and aesthetics, but also the SwissAligner and Invisalign products.

EasySmile-4all is the product EasySmile-4all but also the products  of SwissAligner and Invisalign.

1. Free scan and assessment

We scan your teeth in a couple of minutes then we show you through a simulation exercice the final result reached after the treatmeent.

2. We give you the aligners

We manufacture custom-made aligners in 24hours , the cost of which is 1999,- CHF

3. Your teeth are perfect now

After putting the aligners between 3 and 6 months (depending on your case), your smile will be perfect !

A perfect smile

A perfect smile

Swiss Innovation

A product made in Switzerland

Unbeatable price

Thanks to our advanced technology, we guarantee you an unbeatable price

High technology

State-of-the-art technology for your invisible gutters (aligners).
Digital footprint.


A new smile without pain thanks to EasySmile-4all !

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